Checking for Understanding

My love for sport and HPE can be a major advantage for myself progressing as a teacher m that area. But it also can be a major disadvantage or weakness. There is almost a feeling of relaxation when planning or presenting my teachings to a class. But by having this, could it be possible that I don’t teach the students everything they need? Is it possible they actually haven’t learnt all the techniques properly? Being so confident in your teaching around certain sports can make the students feel a sense of pressure, they could feel as, if they say they can’t perform a drill that someone like me won’t be interested. This is the main area that needs to be emphasised when I’m teaching.

Checking for students understanding on all techniques and drills is so important for a flow of a class. Not only that, but student relationships can be damaged, as if their performance isn’t high because they dot understand, they feel they’ve let you down, because they crave the relationship with the teacher. So as I plan away with my HPE teaching, checking for understanding after explanations of either techniques or drills will be high of my checklist.

Check out Courtney’s blog on her experience with checking for understanding. She also refers to Abi’s experience which is worth a read

Also, check out this website that gives 21 tips to check for understanding that I advise you use next prac! I sure will

21 Ways to Check for Student Understanding

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ICT in Teaching

The recent professional experience involved us as future educators to implement ICT into our teachings across 3 weeks. For myself, being a training HPE and junior English teacher, I felt this would be a fairly easy task. Well I can now say after completing the prac, that it wasnt as easy as I thought it would be. Teaching within the HPE area in my school, it made it very difficult to include such ICT, as all my classes were practical and on the oval. In saying this, I have seen plenty of times where students can use recording for analysis but the students weren’t required to do so. Resources at th school also made it difficult to use ICT in HPE, which put my concentration into English.

Within my English classes I was able to  incoprate many ICT Devices, which include:

PowerPoint slides


YouTube Videos

Microsoft Word presentations – templates

To find out more examples that you can use in your teaching’s check out Courtney’s blog here;

You can also check out this website, it has great findings and ICT ideas for teaching;

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My Last 3 Days 😁

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you’d know by now that I feel Ill in my first week of prac, which I had to make up 3 days earlier this week. This week was both sad, but relieving. I was relieved to get through the 3 and a half weeks and able to get back to assignments and other work that I didn’t have time for while on prac. But I was sad to leave my students that I’d built a relationship with over the couple of weeks. There were touching moments when certain students would ask when I was coming back or is the school going to give me a job so I can teach them until year 12. Little things like that make you realise why I’ve chosen this as my future, making a difference in young lives and help them enjoy learning is so important.

I was a bit scared about coming to my school, but now it’s done I’m so thankful for the opportunity as it has helped me grow as an educator.


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My experience – Week 3

Out of all my weeks on prac I really enjoyed this week the most. My teaching load went up to 3 classes a day of both HPE and junior English. In HPE, I was able to broaden my knowledge on teaching athletics discipline which has been limited and vital for my memory bank in the subject. Students really engaged in the class and I feel that my relationship helped this engagement. I always tried to incompatible modified games through use of relays and others within each discipline to add the fun factor class. I found with my class if you talk to much or focus on drills for long period time they lose interest,so it was important to Incorporate certain games for their development.

Within my English class students continued on their analysis and started drafting their assignments on advertisements. Incorporating ICT helped me thoroughly within this class, as I was able to access template on the IWB, search for videos and present ads on the screen. This allowed me to engage the students through  different mode of learning then they were used too.

This week was by far my heaviest and most enjoyable. Only 3 days to go!!

Aidan ✌🏼️

My Experience – Week 2

So week 2 started off with a full bill of health, which I was very pleased with! While being away it allowed myself to get ahead and plan for the week of teaching. This week I engaged in all year 7 classes, as I did for the whole prac, within my English classes I started to gain confidence, only being new to teaching the subject. Through the help of my mentor I was able to teach 2 classes a day with mostly good responses. Students were really interested in what I was teaching and engaged in their assignments on the analysis of advertisements. This week really helped my memory bank for English when I go through to teaching, as my mentor was able to load so many resources off to me. As for my relationship with the students, they really enjoyed  my presence, and as I learnt more names I was able to build a better relationship.

I also scored half a day of work at the DD cross country with a few people from class!  (perks of being a PE Teacher hey)

Week 3 coming soon,

Aidan ✌🏼️

My experience – Week 1

The first week of prac was a bit of a roller coaster for myself personally and as an educator. My first week was a bit of a shocker health wise, as I fell ill after having an allergic reaction to something I didn’t even know I was allergic too! This made myself miss the last 3 days of the schooling week, which I had to make up at the end. But the first two introduction days were positive at points but very confronting. Upon all my pracs I have been very lucky to have been placed at some very respected private schools, which wasn’t the case this time. So the change of scenery was going to take a bit to get used too. By the time Wednesday came around I felt I was ready to takes on 2 classes of teaching feeling I had gained a perspective on what they were learning and how to deal with certain students. But unfortunately that’s when a reaction to penicillin hit and ruled me out for the week.

Stay tuned for week 2….

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Lesson Planning

Lesson planning in our next prac starting Monday is going to be very important in gaining full marks for the course, as at least 5 of our ICT plans need to be presented. As much as a drag and time user the planning is, it’s going to be so helpful in this prac. As we haven’t had to use many ICT incorporations in other pracs, the use of our lesson plan will help us keep track of what we have done and what we still need to incorporate. By keeping such lesson plans, we then possibly could use it in future teaching opportunities. Keeping a prac folder is vital for resources and the storage of lesson plans. If you can create a resource of great lessons in this prac, your work down the track is going to become easier as half of he work is already done.

Remember to use the plan given in the learning journals so we can incorporate ICT, but don’t be afraid to add your own twist.

It can be found here.



Prac starts on Monday, and I’m so nervous about the whole situation. As always I’m nervous about going into a new school and meeting new people and wanting to be accepted is a priority. I start thinking is this the right career choice for me? Maybe I should do something else? These are things that run through my mind before prac! Anything will Sike me out. But I then start the pracs and realise that I love what I’m going to do for most of my life! Being in the HPE context is so rewarding. You get to be in sport everyday which is a dream, and you  also get to help the youth of today live and active and healthy lifestyle.

A friendly reminder too keep updating portfolios and assignment 3 while on prac too! Hopefully everyone has a busy and fun 3 weeks.

Check out the link below for some tips with helping students.



Nearly there!

Well as we finally submit assignment 2, we can start looking forward to our very last piece! As frustrating and time consuming as the last piece was, it was very valuable for our future in the teaching context. Ideas have been presented that could come to life in our next practical coming up. I know myself, if I’m lucky enough to land a place in a private school, with access to devices such as IPads, I’ll be able to present hopefully entertaining and worthwhile learning experiences in my HPE classes.

As I sit up late, with nothing better to do then blog, I look forward to prac, which is becoming frustrating with no placement yet. But until I am found a placement I must wait with anticipation, eager to gain a spot to do what I love. I wish everyone luck with results on assignment 2, will talk soon



Plan B? Do you have one?

While looking through some of people’s blogs I came across a great topic, presented by Courtney Green. She discussed with people if they had a plan B for lesson planning? I’m really not sure if I do?

Well im here to further discuss on the topic and see if I actually do.

As we all know, lesson planning is very important for the smooth flow of a lesson from start to finish. It outlines our content plus also helping us makes smooth transformations to other topics or in my case drills and activities in HPE. But what if an something goes wrong? What if the oval is too wet for sport? Or the computer lab is already booked out? We need to make arrangements and a plan B to fix this. Incorporating activities that can be also presented in stadiums for HPE is a mis and I feel can be a Plan B for my learners.

Courtney presented some great questions surrounding the topic;

Your planning process and plan B

What ICT are available in the classroom?
How reliable are they? How do they break?
What strategies does your mentor currently have for dealing with those breakdowns?
Are those strategies working?
Are there additional steps you can take to minimise or remove the chance of failure?

Check her blog out;